There were many high profile rap feuds in 2018 but one that had the attention of everyone across the world was Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly's beef. It all started when Em resurfaced with his surprise album, Kamikaze that included a shot directed at MGK. It didn't take long for the two to swap diss tracks aimed at each other but since then, they've simply taken shots at each other at shows or on the internet, in MGK's case. In early June, MGK took to the stage in Detroit where he performed "Rap Devil." On his latest album, he made a few references to the beef while maintaining that he survived through it all.

MGK teased the song "Floor 13" earlier this week. The song includes a few references to his feud with Eminem including on the refrain where he raps, "I just spent too many minutes watchin' little videos of wannabe rappers dissing me/ I just spent the winter livin' after someone tried to send a kill shot, missin' me." Later on in the song, he fires off another reference to the feud. "One legend tried to fuck with me and then got the venom," he raps, referencing Em's song for Marvel's Venom flick. Even though MGK doesn't actually say Em's name, it's clear that's who he's referencing on the song. 

Peep the song below.