During a recent concert, Eminem trashed Machine Gun Kelly when he refused to play "Killshot," referring to the rapper as a "cocksucker" and reigniting their feud. When MGK was signing autographs in Los Angeles last night, a photographer had the nerve to ask him about Slim Shady and he may have gotten a little frustrated because he took it out on the autograph he was signing at that moment.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

MGK remained pretty silent last night, taking care of his regular duties as an actor and a rapper. He was signing autographs when a fan asked him to write a message on a drum head that they brought. Since Kellz plays Tommy Lee in the new film The Dirt, it makes sense. Either he was still in character or he just flipped out because after writing an elaborate message on the drum casing, he proceeded to absolutely smash the thing to bits. 

He was calm when he started to walk away but in an instant, his whole demeanor changed. He crossed out what he wrote and then started trashing the drum head. Once it fell to the ground, he walked to the wrong car and then finally got into his vehicle. Very strange.

In his defence, he signed another autograph before getting into the whip and didn't destroy that one so he was 1/2 on the night.