Not only did Machine gun Kelly give a rousing performance at the recent MTV Video Music Awards, the rap-rock star took home his first Moon Man. MGK was awarded the trophy for Best Alternative for the visual to "Bloody Valentine" that starred hs real-life girlfriend, actress Megan Fox. During his recent visit to The Kelly Clarkson ShowMachine Gun Kelly revealed that he had doubts about moving forward with his career after making it this far along without certain recognitions. 

"Most people get it on their first album or second album or third album or fourth album, but it was my fifth album that got me in the door for the first time," said MGK. "I'm like really... It was this album or bust for me. I was like, 'Should I just give up on all those hopes and dreams that I have?' I mean, I hope that there's someone who can just use that as a metaphor for their life to continue manifesting and to never stop chasing your personal legend because what a shame it would have been if I would have turned my back on this right before this happened and I didn't even know that the light was on at the end of the tunnel. Right there."

He added that he had doubts about receiving accolades at this stage in his carer. "Would I really start getting nominated five albums in? Yes!" Check out his appearance on the talk show below.