Rap-Rock has become somewhat of a niche market where hip-hop heads are concerned, though the larger mainstream scene tends to receive it slightly more favorably. Evidently, Machine Gun Kelly appears to have plunged headfirst into the subgenre for his new album Hotel Diablo album, if this latest single is any indication. Following up the recent Linkin Park-sampling "Hollywood Whore," MGK has upped the ante for "I Think I'm Okay," tapping Yungblud and Travis Barker for the assist. 

Roger Kisby/Getty Images

The song, which drops tomorrow in North American markets, features a guitar-driven arrangement void of any subtlety whatsoever. The chugging power chords give way to a wailing Yungblud chorus, evoking shades of the once thriving mid-two thousands emo scene. The song itself will likely please MGK's core fans, though casuals hoping to see a continuation of "Rap Devil's" Ronny J-produced vibe will likely be disappointed

Check out the snippet below, and look for "I Think I'm Okay" to surface in the imminent future. Are you here for an MGK-orchestrated take on Rebirth?