Machine Gun Kelly has been open about his punk/rock influences, and if it wasn't obvious enough before, it's definitely obvious now. 

MGK dropped new visuals today, "Champions" with Diddy, which sampled classic rock band Queen. Shortly thereafter, more punk-rock shout-outs popped up from the energetic rapper, with the announcement of his Black Flag mixtape and cover art, named after the punk band Black Flag.

It seems like there will be plenty more rock-inspired cuts on the upcoming mixtape, which is reportedly dropping today, although it doesn't seem certain. Stay tuned.

Peep the cover art in the gallery above, as well as the "Champions" video below.

[UPDATE: MGK reveals the tracklist for "Black Flag."]

Machine Gun Kelly was originally calling his upcoming project, Black Flag, a mixtape, but now he deems the term album more appropriate.

The rapper took to Twitter to say that Black Flag is actually an album they're giving away for free. MGK also let go the back cover art along with the tracklisting for the LP.

See the tracklist below, and back cover art in the gallery above (which also lists the producers). There's also a digital booklet for Black Flag, which you can download here.

1) Raise The Flag

2) Breaking News

3) Peso Feat. Pusha T & Meek Mill

4) Black Tuxedo Feat. Tezo

5) Mind Of A Stoner Feat. Wiz Khalifa 

6) D&G Feat. Sean McGee

7) Skate Cans

8) 50 (Interlude) Feat. French Montana

9) Baddest

10) Miss Me? Feat. Dub-O

11) Street Dreams

12) Swing Life Away Feat. Kellin Quin (Rise Against Cover)

13) Home Soon

14) Dark Side Of The Moon