Say what you will about Machine Gun Kelly, but the mischievous "Rap Devil" has certainly done alright for himself. Though many would like to discredit him as a "bum" of sorts, in reality, Gunner has been making money moves for a minute. Case in point, the rapper recently found himself rubbing shoulders in some truly elite circles. Kelly took to IG to share a video of the recent Roc Nation brunch, a boozy one at that, that transpired a few days back. 

While many big names came through for the Grammys party, including Diddy, Pusha T, Kevin Hart, Nipsey Hussle, DJ Khaled, Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Grimes, Meek Mill, Casanova and more. In the clip, Kelly can be seen being that guy who lights up a cigarette and/or blunt on the dance floor. A faux-pas, but who will really take issue, given the spectacle that's unfolding mere feet away? As it happens, Jay-Z appears to have no issue with the process, as the legendary rapper seems content to cut a rug unimpeded. One has to wonder if they ultimately had their turn in the "dance circle." Perhaps you oughta leave that one to your imagination.