We've lost too many of the greats in the last few years. Mac Miller's death hit us all pretty hard and we're still learning how to process his absence in the rap game. The one-year anniversary of his passing just happened and many of his fans remembered the late recording artist through candlelight vigils and gatherings in his native Pittsburgh. After a full year of mourning, his fortune will finally be divided among his friends and family and thanks to TMZ, people know who's getting what.

Mac Miller left behind an $11 million fortune when he passed away, which will be divided among his loved ones. Calculating the value of his personal property and cash on hand, new legal documents estimate that a lot of his $11.3 million wealth will be going to his closest friends. The report notes that much of his jewelry will go to his friend Q Chandler-Cuff while another buddy, Bryan Johnson, will be taking in the majority of his electronics (laptops, televisions, iPads, and more.) 

Dale Berman/Getty Images

All of Mac's musical instruments and studio equipment will go to Dylan Rectenwald, another homie of his. Of course, Miller's family will be inheriting a ton of money as well, totalling over $5 million in bank and brokerage accounts. 

Mac Miller passed away last year after an accidental drug overdose. The entire hip-hop community sends their well wishes to Mac's family and friends as they continue to mourn his loss.