Christian Clancy, Mac Miller's manager, started working with the artist in 2013. He was impressed by his musical talents and even more enamored with Malcolm's personality. Clancy has paid tribute to the late Miller in an op-ed published by The Guardian, in which he highlights both Mac's musicality and his persona.

Clancy specifies the artist's drive, stating, "He had money and success but he craved importance: the ability to show depth, to cement a legacy." Miller was on his way to pursuing this desire as he planned to take "Swimming" on the road and share a holistic experience with his fans.

"He was about to go on tour with Thundercat and J.I.D with a superstar band. He knew he was at his best and most comfortable with a band and couldn't wait to show his fans who he now was and the direction he was fully leaning into."

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

According to Clancy, the rapper was in a good place before he passed away. They had been in touch just 2 days before the tragic day.

"He was very open about his struggles throughout his career, but he had been fully focused and engaged. He knew the progress he had made, battling his internal dialogue – it wasn’t easy, but he was doing it and feeling the rewards. "

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