Mac Miller passed away last week of an apparent overdose. Since the rapper is no longer alive, the legal issues he was set to face are being dismissed.

In late August, Mac had been charged with a DUI that allegedly caused his car accident in May. The artist crashed his vehicle into a utility pole in San Fernando Valley. He literally walked away from the scene, with no real injuries. Legal authorities apprehended him after catching up to him on a nearby road.

The court was set to receive the entertainer this Tuesday. His arraignment is obviously canceled as he cannot appear. He has been removed from the docket and the official documents stipulating the dismissal of his case will be filed later. This is all part of the usual legal formality in the event of a deceased suspect.

This news comes with another wave of sadness as the car accident he survived could have set a whole different journey afoot for the entertainer. The legal system failed him in a way, along with other people who have died under similar circumstances. Although the cause of Mac Miller's death has yet to be confirmed, we can assume that a proactive support of his health could have saved his life.