Last year, a petition was started by Pittsburgh residents to officially rename Blue Slide Park to include Mac Miller's name. The late rapper had titled one of his albums after the landmark, always showing love to his city when he had a chance. While the name change has reportedly not been made official yet, it appears as though Mac has been added to the name on the Maps app and Google Maps. 

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Depending on your preferred maps app, you'll be seeing a different version of Blue Slide Park's name on your phone. As reported by Complex, the changes are live on the Maps app with the area now being labelled as "Mac Miller's Blue Slide Park." If you use Google Maps, it will appear as "Mac Miller's Blue Slide Playground." While fans started noticing the changes this weekend, it's not clear when Mac was added to the name on apps. Perhaps this means that the actual name of the park will soon be altered to include Miller. 

The park is a spot that is sentimental for fans of the late artist, holding a vigil at Blue Slide in September 2018. Since Mac Miller passed away, many have visited the playground to pay tributes to the singer.