Mac Miller is trending on Twitter this morning because people are looking at a video of actor Robert Pattinson and getting serious flashbacks, claiming that the two really look alike.

For much of Robert Pattinson's career, he has sported longer hair but the moment he began rocking a buzzcut, people took a look at him and thought they were seeing one of the most impactful rappers of our generation.

"Why does Robert Pattinson look like MacMiller?" asked one person on Twitter. "He looks like evil MacMiller," said another, garnering over 80,000 likes.

An abundance of messages followed, enough so that a Mac Miller trend kicked off. While some were not happy to see the late star trending, others were glad to see his name when they woke up, sharing their favorite memories of the rapper and posting their most-listened-to songs from him.

Do you think Robert Pattinson looks like Mac Miller? Could he ever play the artist in a biopic? Let us know in the comments.

Recently, Mac was honored by Noah Cyrus, who shared a beautiful cover of his song "Dunno", also making a donation to his foundation. His team is reportedly working on a new tribute project, which was hinted at last month.

Rest in peace, Mac.