In a recent interview with French Website, Mac Miller revealed details about not only be close with labelmate, Wiz Khalifa, but that the two rapper’s mothers hang out, and even get lifted.

When speaking about Wiz, Miller said, (From HipHopDX) “[W]e’re cool man. I mean that’s the homie.  We both support each other, but we’re trying to do separate things musically.  Miller then spoke about the ‘family bond’ him and Wiz have, “and another thing is my mom and Wiz’ mom are like best friends, it’s funny. They hang out like all the time and get high together.”

Later in the interview, Miller said that his love for legendary deceased rhyme-spitter, Big L, is what made him close with Cam’ron, “I think that’s one of the reasons that he [Cam’ron] mess with me is because I knew about L,” Miller said, “and you know L was a big part of his life too so it’s dope man to hear stories from people like him and Premier and people that actually knew L.”

Currently, Miller and Wiz are on the aptly titled “Under the Influence of Music Tour”.