Recently, Mac Miller has been in the news for the wrong reasons, facing two lawsuits.  In an interview with MTV Mac Miller discussed his sophomore album, which he has been putting in serious work on.  Mac says he already has over 20 tracks ready, and he even discusses how this album is a reflection of him, and more introspective than previous work. 

The follow up to his break-out debut Blue Side Park, already has 22 records that could be featured on his upcoming album, which should be ready at the start of 2013.  "The second album, I'm hoping to get it out early next year," the Pittsburgh rapper said. "I have, like, 22 records that could be on an album right now. Obviously, I can't make it that long…I think that I'm really onto something with this next album, and I think I'm really creating an album that expresses more of where I'm at right now mentally."

Mac expanded on the last part, and said this LP will show fans his thoughts, and that he’s not concerned so much with sales, as expressing himself, “I don't care if we go #1, I don't care about selling records. That shit is awesome, but this album, I just need to do something different. It's gonna be awesome, and it's gonna be a trip into my head."

See the full interview below. 

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