With his collaborative effort with Pharrell, the Pink Slime EP set to be released soon, Mac Miller is starting to set his sights on his next LP.  When discussing the album, Mac talked about some collaborations which include TDE standouts ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul.  The Pittsburgh native then talked about his relationship with those rappers, and mentions some other collabs you can expect to see from him. 

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Mac was talking about not only working with Q and Ab-Soul, but how they have become friends outside of just music, "They won't even be like, 'Yo, let's do a record.' You know what I'm sayin'? Q will come over and just listen. He'll be like, 'Yo, play that shit you did last night,' and we'll just kick it."  Miller says that when they create music, it's like their friendship, something that organically happened, "We won't even work. That's how it works. Then, we [eventually] make music."

The Blue Slide Park rapper confirmed that "TDE will be a big part of [the album]," adding, "ScHoolboy Q is on that. We have, probably, like three records that may go on there. Ab-Soul is on there, of course."

Opening up and trying different sounds, and different collaborations, is something he picked up when working with Cam'ron, who told him to not let other people dictate the type of music you make, which has led to Mac Miller being experimental and more open with trying new sounds, "It really let me go and it helped me make the music I want to make and work with artists I want to work with. It helped me go to different places and experiment and just have fun with music again." 

He even opened up about two other collaborations you can expect in the near future, one with OF's Earl Sweatshirt, and the other with Gucci Mane