As evidenced by his latest project You, which is almost entirely a jazz EP, Mac Miller has shown that he is not afraid to try different styles of music, or experiment with hip hop from different eras.  Now he confirms that he is working alongside DJ Jazzy Jeff on their 92 Till Infinity mixtape, and Mac hopes to enlist some of his idols from the golden era of hip hop on the tape.

Speaking with 2DopeBoyz, the Pittsburgh artist confirms the project and says they know the date, but he did not release it, “We got a date for it, it’s really dope...[Jazzy Jeff] just said something on Twitter...and I saw it, and I was like ‘oh shit that’s Jazzy Jeff!’" Mac adds the mixtape's title, “The project is called 92 Till Infinity.”

Miller also talked about why he was so eager to work with the DJ/producer, “basically, I kinda wanted to team up with someone that’s such a respected veteran, one of the greatest DJs of all-time...Greatest part about Jeff is he loves all music.”

The tape is slated for an early 2013 release, and since the title is an obvious ode to the classic early 90s Souls of Mischief track, Mac Miller says he wants to get some golden era hip hop legends on the tape.  “The project is gonna come out early next year, 92 Till Infinity, I’m trying to get a lot of people involved,” Miller admits, “ it’s kinda for the fan in me for all these people I just kinda want to check off my bucket list for people to work with.”