Mac Miller did not have the best week of his life last week. Following his break-up with Ariana Grande, which resulted in an epic friendzone post, the Pittsburgh rapper crashed his car and absolutely wrecked his Mercedes G-Wagon. As time passes, details of the accident became clearer as reports said that he had initially fled the scene of the crime, resulting in an eventual arrest for hit-and-run and DUI. We've all seen the photos of the crash and it's pretty apparent that Mac is lucky to see another day on this planet. The impact was substantial enough that the airbags were deployed upon striking a utility pole and now, further information has been released about the driver's impaired state.

The "Donald Trump" artist was manning the vehicle as it knocked over the pole and, according to TMZ, law enforcement sources have noted that Mac was driving at double the legal blood alcohol limit. When Mac was arrested at his home, his blood alcohol level was reported at .15. The publication states that the breathalyzer test was given to Mac well after he had fled the scene, meaning that his BAC was likely even higher while he was operating the whip but it will likely be some time before that can be determined.

Details are likely to become clearer as time goes by. Mac's ex seems to have moved on fairly quickly as Ariana appears to already be dating a new man in SNL's Pete Davidson. Hopefully, Mac is in a good mental space and is not dwelling on the changes in his romantic life.