Producer Thelonious Martin spoke with DJBooth to discuss his recollections of Mac Miller, in all his complexities. Apart from all the personal anecdotes, equal parts gut-wrenching and heartwarming, Theolonious mentioned that Miller has an unpublished collaborative album with Madlib floating somewhere in the ethers of time. According to Martin, the project would have been titled, you guessed it: Maclib. 

While conversing about the future of Mac Miller's musical estate to the best of his knowledge, Martin confided in Donna-Claire Chesman of DJBooth, a loose account of how he came to learn of Maclib's existence. 

"So I’m trying to focus and DJ, and Madlib gets on and 15 minutes into his set he just randomly plays a Mac Miller joint," begins Thelonious as he recounts which led him to an inconvenient truth regarding Maclib's existence. "And I turn to him, I’m like, 'There’s more of these, right?' He’s said, 'Oh, yeah, there’s a whole album. Maclib.'"

Martin admitted that Madlib's nonchalance during the exchange stopped him dead in his tracks. Madlib, on the other hand, carried on with his performance that night, as if nothing had occurred. Thelonious is nonetheless conflicted with regards to whether Maclib should see the light of day, because, on one hand, he stands opposed to the idea of posthumous material. He did, however, mention that "if Madlib decides to bless the world with that project, he should." Would you like to see the Mac Miller x Madlib, or would you settle for the forthcoming Bandana project with Freddie Gibbs and call it a day?