Mýa Drops "Down" From The Clouds In Her Latest Music Video

Devin Ch
April 21, 2019 15:58

Mýa frog leaps a series of exotic inlets in the "Down" music video.

Why 420 you ask? Because 21 years on the dot, Mýa released her groundbreaking self-titled debut. Although they might not readily understand the symbolic act for what it is, her fans will certainly come to understand the year-long wait as a latent manifestation of significance. And if you've hung around for 21 years, you'll surely understand the reason's behind her wait-and-see approach.

Mýa could have given us "Down" within months of releasing TKO (The Knock Out), but she persisted anyway.TKO stands the test of time as Mýa's 8th studio project in two decade's of work. After giving herself a respite period in the early 2010s, Mýa revitalized what was left of her iconography by loving herself and allowing herself to bloom naturally.

In the "Down" video, Mýa doubles down on the song's Carribean stylings by providing us breathtaking visuals depicting a secret tropical location. But don't think for a second Mýa fears abandonment. After two decades of work, she still carries with her, the underpinnings of an R&B style she once shared with a host of retired figurants.

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