Over 20 years later, "Gin N Juice" is still that track to get the party started. You can feel the liquor loosen up your system right as the opening synths start to smolder. It remains a party classic not just for the sticky production but because the D-O-double-G laces the Cali classic with some of the most quotable lyrics of all time. "With so much drama in the..." -- c,mon, the rest of the verse should be automatic. 

Now this isn't one of our hardest LyriQuizzes to date, but you'd be surprise how easy it is to slip up on one of the details of Snoop's Seagrams and endo-fueled night. What time in the AM do the bitches leave? What typa contraband do the homies carry in their pockets? Take the quiz before bumping the Doggystyle classic and post your scores in the comments. 

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