Ariana Grande and Big Sean's break-up is going to be a source of fodder for at least another week, so hopefully you're not sick of it just yet. After reports circulated yesterday that Justin Bieber getting too grabby with Ariana played a part in her break-up with Big Sean (apparently it was a calculated move on Ariana's behalf), now more rumors have surfaced detailing where Big Sean went wrong.

Apparently some of the lyrics from Big Sean's record "Stay Down" had Ari in her feelings. Specifically the bars: "I ain't even gonna lie, I got a million dollar chick/With a billion dollar pussy/Every time I cum, I swear to God I feel like I be rich."

This was reportedly the "last straw" for Ariana, who felt as though she was being treated like a piece of meat. However there are various "sources" saying various things about the relationship. On one side, there's a source saying Sean Don had to foot the bill on basically everything with Ariana, while another source says Ariana was the one paying for private jets, vacations etc. Sean was apparently also very upset that Ariana didn't come out to his big performance at L.A.'s House of Blues in February, because she was prepping for her Grammy's performance the following day.