In two days, VH1's hit series Love & Hip Hop Hollywood returns with its sixth season that is said to be the most drama-filled of them all. The strange relationship dynamic of B2K member Omarion's ex-girlfriend and mother of his children, Apryl Jones, possibly carrying on a secret love affair with B2K member Fizz, will be a focal point of the series. Yet, another relationship that has unraveled in the media has been that of producer-songwriter A1 Bentley and his wife, Lyrica Anderson. 

There's been talk that A1 cheated on Lyrica with Instagram model Summer Bunni, a figure who admitted to creeping with Offset during his marriage to Cardi B. "My baby, first, and my husband, we are definitely a work in progress right now," Lyrica told VH1 in a one-on-one interview. "You know, it's kind of annoying that we put ourselves out there but it's like, nothing is private anymore. Everyone thinks they can comment on your life. They judge by a minute or two segments they see on TV when really, that doesn't sum up my whole life. That's not all of who Lyrica is."

She goes on to insist that nothing that goes down on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is fake, although there are accusations that the beefs and relationships are scripted. Lyrica says that everyday people go through the same issues that the cast does, the only difference is the Average Joe isn't being filmed and watched by millions."We go through things that everyone goes through [like] having kids, infidelity, cheating, embarrassment, love problems, friend problems, relationship with your mother problems, whatever it is," she said. 

"I thought the scandals were over," Lyrica said of her relationship, adding that she believed that she and her husband were on their way to living a life of marital bliss after they renewed their wedding vows. "We hope for the best and we don't always get it," she said. "A1 is definitely a target for groupies on the come up."

She continued, "He's on television. Nice looking guy and women love to feel like they can take you away from—especially your marriage which is really sad." Lyrica mentioned that it's difficult to spread out her energy between her music career, her attention-craving husband, and her young son, so at some point, something has to give. There have been rumors that she and A1 have broken up, but the way she's speaking in this interview suggests that these two may be on the mend.