One of the biggest movies to release this year has been the Jordan Peele-directed Us. The horror film is Peele's directorial follow up to Get Out which was released back in 2017. So far the film has been experiencing rave reviews, particularly for the performances of the film's two main actors Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke. Both Duke and Nyong'o made their way to Stadium Goods in New York City to go sneaker shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma. 

The show began with La Puma asking Duke about his aspirations of getting into fashion design. Meanwhile, Nyong'o explained that she has a very fashionable mother and that that's how she got into the sneaker world although admittedly doesn't know too much about it.

Duke explained that being able to buy the sneakers he used to dream about as a kid is a great indicator of success for him. Nyong'o followed that up with a story about how she wore a pair of the Kendrick LamarNike Cortex around director Ryan Coogler who was left in awe of her kicks. 

The episode ended with the two buying some sneakers. Nyong'o copped a pair of Swarovski Air Max 97's and the latest Aleali May Jordan 1, while Duke got a pair of Off-White Chuck Taylor's and Air Max 90, as well as the Atmos Air Max 1 in leopard print.