UPDATE: Lupe Fiasco's sister has been found. The artist confirmed the news on Twitter.

Earlier today, Lupe Fiasco took to his social media channels to inform everybody in Atlanta to keep an eye out for his little sister. The 16-year-old was reported to be missing today after she was last seen in West Atlanta yesterday. Her name is Keziah and in an effort to get her home safely, Lupe shared as much information as possible on social media.

He posted photos of his little sister and listed her height and her weight in hopes that somebody recognizes her and alerts the Atlanta Police Department. "This is my little sister Keziah," wrote the rapper. "She was Last Seen yesterday in West Atlanta. If you have any information please contact the Atlanta Police Department. ASAP." 

According to TMZ, the missing person report notes that Keziah left her home at 2:30 PM yesterday and when her mother got back from work, Keziah was not at the house. The teenager has reportedly never run away before and nothing unusual has happened in the last few days. Her mother has said that, since they are new to the area, she doesn't know where Keziah would go. She also does not have a cell phone.

If you have any information on Keziah's whereabouts, please immediately contact the Atlanta Police Department. We're hoping for her safe return. Pray for Lupe Fiasco and his family.