To promote his new single “Mission”, Lupe Fiasco decided to stop by The Hot 97 Morning Show Tuesday Morning and chat it up with Ebro, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez. During the lengthy conversation, Lupe Fiasco had a lot of time to speak his mind, and that he did.

Lupe touched on several topics during the interview, but what really stood out from it was his opinion on Kendrick Lamar and the lyricists that are better than him. After rattling off some of his favorite rappers, which included Young Thug & Big K.R.I.T., Lupe was asked by Rosenberg on his thoughts about Kendrick Lamar. Lupe says,

“Yeah. Always been a fan of Kendrick. I’m not a nut hugger like you (Rosenberg)”.

After Rosenberg continued to “nut hug” Kendrick Lamar, and call his album “the best in a decade”, Lupe disagreed and stated his own opinion, and said “Listen, Kendrick is super ill. The whole TDE team is the illest team". "but he's not the best.”

Staying on topic, Ebro followed that up and asked Lupe if he took exception with Kendrick being “the best” lyricist in today’s game, and Lu replied, “No, lyrically, I don’t think so. To me, MF Doom is the best.”

This response sparked a new question from Ebro, which was what new artists would he take over Kendrick lyrically? Lupe answered,

“Lyrically, to me, it's King Los, Logic, Cassidy." "Lyrically, stop playin with me.”

Lupe aint playing either. He is real adamant about Logic and King Los being a better lyricist & rapper than Kendrick Lamar. He truly believes these artists are better than Kendrick on the mic. However, a distraught Rosenberg is in shock to hear him say Logic is lyrically better than Kendrick Lamar. Ultimately, making this a great discussion and interview.

What you think? Is Lupe right? Or is he just salty?

Watch the heated discussion below. (Discussion comes in around 23:25 mark and runs on for minutes)