The beef involving Kid Cudi and Lupe Fiasco had been dormant for about a year, until yesterday, when Lupe Fiasco clowned Kid Cudi for his participation in a wholly separate conflict. Cudi is currently in rehab, though he still has Twitter access, as yesterday, he tweeted directly to Drake and threatened him for the subliminal diss lyrics that the OVO rapper hit him with on the new song "Two Birds One Stone." The tweet inspired Lupe to go on Twitter to express his opinion that rehab isn't working for Cudi, with whom he clearly still has issues. He continued rebuke Cudi last night and has kept up the disparaging tweets as recently as a few hours ago. "That dude FOUL and needs his ass beat. Period," reads a particularly angry tweet.  

"I hope Drake slaps gold out that n*gga," Lupe also wrote. He provided some reasoning for his contempt for Cudi -- "He called me a thief. In public." -- but the details are still vague. Lupe alleged that Cudi had "ducked" his efforts to have a conversation to address their feud. 

The beef between Lupe and Cudi hit the public eye in early 2015, seemingly spawned by different reactions over a Kendrick Lamar quote in response to the non-indictment of the officer who killed Michael Brown.