Lupe Fiasco is currently in India, probably on some sort of yoga retreat. That's where he heard that his album Tetsuo & Youth wasn't among the 2016 Grammy nominations that went out yesterday. He shared his response on Twitter, and even though his first Tweet was a picture of a salt shaker, he handled the snub a hell of a lot better than Wale or Omarion.

“The only award I ever really cared about was the Grammy...everything I put was nominated. Until today. End Of An Era. Lemme hold that----> L,” Lupe wrote. He then tweeted out a handful of pictures of Sesame Street characters pictured next to the letter “L.”

Another photo featured Ice T digging through the trash can. "What's that's Ice??? You found my Grammy nomination??? Naw...just my self esteem huh...aww ok"

Lupe won the 2008 Grammy for Best Urban/Alternative Performance for "Daydreamin'" feat. Jill Scott, which explain the grace and humor with which he handled the snub. He also shared his pick for rap album of the year, with the qualifier that he didn't consider TPAB to be rap music. "As fan of just great RAP & well put together bodies of work with substance & depth of lyrical skill," he wrote. "I give my OFFICIAL pick to Joey Badass."

Read Lupe's tweets below.