After a lengthy silence, Lupe Fiasco came out of hiding earlier in the week to reveal his three-album plan had changed slightly. Fans may recall that Lupe teased three different titles for albums he'd be releasing one after another this year, ending with the final release of his career, Roy. Roy has now apparently been scrapped, and in it's place we'll be receiving an album titled DROGAS light*. DROGAS light* serves as the second of the three-album rollout, sided between DROGAS and SKULL-- SKULL being his last album.

Now that the album roll out is sufficiently clear, Lupe has decided to tease the DROGAS project with the release is "CONVERSATIONS #1," and according to his Soundcloud, it will be a series, thus we can likely expect "CONVERSATIONS #2" to hit shortly. It's not new music, to be clear, and according to the artwork, it's was recorded "live on the scene back in 2013." In the conversation, Lupe talks with various members of the community, mainly consisting of L.O.T.U.S. (Lifting Ourselves Through US) members, about the media's affects on their children and the community as a whole-- for example, they're advocating for less explicit content to be played on radio.

If you have ten minutes to spare, click play below.