Though many rappers would probably succumb to the Zombie Apocalypse within days of initial outbreak, not only would Lupe Fiasco, but he'd likely prosper. Roaming through the desolated landscape with sword in hand, Lupe would no doubt excel in such a combat heavy setting; one can only imagine how much he's itching to put his samurai sword skills to the test. Consider the potential survivors of said apocalyptic scenario. The neckbeard army would certainly prosper, as would red-blooded gun toting types. With that in mind, any travelling party would be lucky to have Lupe on deck, serving as equal parts bard and warrior.

Behold, the man's skills in action. Drawing a sword with finesse, Lupe showcases his moves, proving once again that he's formidable with blade in hand. Should anybody dare question his honour, expect to receive a challenge via raven and or carrier pigeon within a fortnight. In all seriousness, it's nice to see a rapper expand their talents to an unexpected realm. Shout out to Lupe, and rest assured, if we at HNHH ever need a champion for a trial by combat, we're sliding into the DMs.