Lupe Fiasco recently told his fans that he was working on the sequel to his 2007 album The Cool, but the announcement was relatively underwhelming as he revealed that the album is set to arrive in winter 2017. Not to worry, though -- fans may have to wait two more years for The Cool 2, but today, Lupe announced he plans to release three albums in 2016. 

For a guy who went off the map following his 2012 album, Food & Liquor II, it's certainly surprising to hear just how much music Lupe has on deck. His renewed productivity was kicked off at the beginning of this year with Tetsuo & Youth, which many considered to be his best work since The Cool. Hopefully the quality stays up for the multiple projects he plans to drop next year. 

Lupe revealed on Twitter that the first of the three albums will be called Drogas. As you can see from the above tweet, don't expect him to give away any more details for now. 

Think Lupe can pull off three albums in one year?