Rising Chicago rapper FBG Duck was murdered this week in a drive-by shooting. The 26-year-old was earning looks left and right, hustling for the better part of the last decade when his life was taken away from him so ruthlessly and suddenly. The police are investigating his murder, pointing to his diss track "Dead Bitches" as a possible motive for his shooters to act out.

Fellow Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco was on Instagram Live when one of his followers asked if he was close to FBG Duck. Wondering why they were referring to the rapper in the past tense, Lupe got to researching when he found out about the young man's killing.

"Oh wow. He got murdered, huh. On Oak Street? What type of nonsense... That's right downtown. Wow. Damn, that's terrible, man," reacted Lupe during the stream. He went on to read about what happened further, predicting that there will be some sort of retaliation from members of the Fly Boy Gang.

"Unfortunately, we're going to have a few murders now in retaliation to this. I hope that's not the case but this is what it is in the city," he said.

Hopefully, that isn't the case. As you know, Chicago has seen an uptick in violent crime this summer, experiencing the deadliest Memorial Day Weekend since 2015 earlier this year.