Well this is rather interesting, Lupe Fiasco is offering a 1 verse song tailor made for anyone willing to fork up $500 bucks. Seriously.

Taking to twitter Wednesday night, Lupe Fiasco offered up a deal of $500 dollars to anyone wanting a 1 verse song from him. The kick? There really isn’t one. All you need to do is send him an instrumental and pick the mood and subject matter of the song. He will then record a verse specifically tailored just for you for only $500. The only minor condition is that you must go in person to pick up the physical copy of the CD which will have just that one song on it, and at which time you’ll exchange the $500 cash only. As you might expect, you’ll have to sign a “usage contract” when you come to pick up your CD, but that's just proper procedure.

Take note that Lupe is adamant that this is NOT a feature or collaboration. He says those are 50K. Ha! Think of it as a personal song tailor made just for you.

And if you got extra bread just laying around, Lupe is also offering anyone to come watch him record the verse for an extra $500. As Lu put it, you can always buy Jordan's or weed, but a personal verse? That doesn't happen often. Start saving y'all.

If you think you maybe interested in this, then hit up @adamgardens or Lupe on twitter. (Check out the details/tweets below)