Lupe Fiasco has always been a man that stood against violence. Yes, his love for anime, swords, and other things connected to violence is well documented. Still, Fiasco is one of the only rappers to stand against Obama (and any other US president for that matter) based on his feelings on war, and invading other countries. The Chi-town lyricist took to Instagram on Wednesday to announce that he would be giving up all violent content in his life, including the entertainment he enjoys. 

“On January 1st 2019 I will no longer support or engage with gratuitously senseless and or purposeless + excessively violent music, tv, cartoons, content and film,” he wrote. “This includes all of the violent music, media and movies I grew up listening to and watching up until this point.”

Trolls then began to question Lupe, asking him what he would do if someone attacked him. He wrote a subsequent Instagram post addressing those who question his new way of living. “You may associate the opposite of violence with peace. That is not so to me,” he wrote on the second post aimed at his opposers. “The opposite of violence is giving assistance, being helpful or building something. It is an action. Peace is a sense of a state of static being. One can be peacefully violent as one can be violently helpful. Actual Violence has a purpose but most depictions of violence in our modern consumptive condition have no purpose.”