You know you've taken things too far when someone who's been openly against voting is planning to hit the voting booth at the next election. Well, due to Donald Trump's "shithole countries" comment, you may see Lupe Fiasco in your local voting booth this fall. The rapper hit Twitter to reveal that he'll be voting this upcoming election season in hopes to get Donald Trump out of office.

Donald Trump's been rubbing people the wrong way before he even started campaigning. His most recent comments pertaining to Haiti and Africa being "shithole countries" were the tipping point for Lupe Fiasco who said that he's going to be voting in the Midterm Elections.

"For help or harm I’ve never voted in my life. a dedicated abstainer," he wrote, "But due to circumstances beyond my control & the overall unpleasant racist shittiness of our president & the republican members of Congress that echo his sentiments subtly or otherwise I’ll be voting this fall."

The rapper later encouraged his followers to do the same. He also mentioned that he's not the biggest fans of the Democrats but the fact that Republicans continue to use their policies as a way of masquerading their racism is a sign that they need to leave.

"Republicans need a timeout," he wrote, "I could accept closet racism but this Haiti + Africa shithole talk is UNACCEPTABLE. They gotta go. All of them."

It's a change of pace for Lupe Fiasco who's not only been highly critical of the government as a whole but has been previously stated he doesn't believe in the U.S. voting system at all.

Check his tweets below.