Lupe Fiasco took to Instagram to pen his review of JAY-Z's 4:44, and he made it all rhyme.

Dividing his review into two parts, Lupe poetically gifted us with his take on the veteran emcee's 13th body of work.

"Album dropped when I was overseas, data plans & coverage limitations wouldn't allow a decent listen," he kicks off part 1. "Usually like to oversee when I be whippin, back from china on a American, long story I'll take you back there again, for now let's just focus on the pair of twins times 3, the 13th Jigga, had to make the review rhyme this time for you n*ggas."

The remainder of the post summarizes his initial thoughts, including his opinion that the album was too personal for his liking. Nonetheless, he delivers on part 2,ultimatley giving 4:44 his seal of approval and ultimately giving it a 10/10.

"The beat feel like Sanaa Lathan slow motion, next to the ocean, wordplay gorgeous, 5 mics no sources," he riffs. "I ain't publicly leaned back bopped in a while especially to this style of a portrait, vulnerable but not tortured, a fortress ain't gotta force it, real time classic, a revival of the corpus."

Read both parts in full below.