While Lupe Fiasco has largely stayed quiet this past while, it would appear he's getting ready to return to the fold. In truth, it seems as if much of his focus has been spent honing his warrior skills, as evidenced by his commitment to the Samurai cause. Yet the mind works in mysterious ways, and it stands to reason that a meticulous mind like Lupe's requires constant stimulation. Luckily, it would appear he's just about ready for a comeback season, in the form of the anticipated Drogas Wave album.

"“Those who wouldn’t become slaves instead became #Waves,” writes Lupe, opting for a cryptic approach. “Don’t Ruin Us God Said!” Nah Worry...#DrogasWave Soon Come..." The last part is what really piques our interest, although "coming soon" and its many variations tend to be a troublesome phrase for rap fans worldwide. Still, we can only hope that Lupe proves a man of his word. Judging by his adherence to a strict code of honor, we gather we'll be in luck on that front.