Lupe Fiasco, never one to be different, has done a string of strange things as of late, including deleting his Twitter, getting kicked off stage for repeating the same lyrics, and announcing the cancellation of Food & Liquor 2: Part 2. While there has been little explanation for any of these incidents, Lupe recently spoke on his Grammy nomination.

With the Grammys going down this weekend, Lupe Fiasco will be in attendance along with a bunch of other nominated rappers including Drake, 2 Chainz, Nas, The Roots and more. Those are also some of his competitors for the title of Best Rap Album, which Lupe is positive he won't win.  

Lupe spoke to Jenny Boom Boom backstage at the Grammy Foundation's "Play It Forward" concert, and explained how being nominated for a Grammy comes along with being "Lupe."

"Well you know, that just kinda comes along with the package of being me, that's kinda what we do, be nominated. But every album, since Food & Liquor, my first official release, has been nominated for Best Rap Album at the Grammys," Lupe said of his nomination. 

When the rapper was asked if he thought he'd win, he said without hesitation, "No. Clearly I won't," he said before listing those he's nominated with. He went on to reveal who he thinks will take home the win--"I think they gunna give it to Nas, to be honest."

In addition to this, the outspoken rapper barely addressed his cancelled album, simply saying, "Cancelled. That's it." 

Listen to the audio from the interview below, where Lupe is accompanied by the Australian artist he's currently working with, Guy Sebastian.