Kanye's defenders were never asked to testify on his account. Nor were they asked to comment in the dull moments. Speaking as a reporter whose primary task is to assess the gravity of a situation, I can only attest to so much. Unfortunately what we don't know haunts us. We are after all, impetuous beings who hate to see our "heroes" break their mold. 

Yesterday Lupe Fiasco, who worked with Kanye in early stages of his career, was asked to pull the wool over his eyes. Fans on twitter were looking for his hot take on the Kanye situation, or rather his flirtation with Right-Wing politics. Seeing as Lupe Fiasco is no stranger to having his iconoclastic views challenged, he walked with trepidation when answering his Twitter fans. Here's how it played out:


Lupe Fiasco, who'd taken the bait in previous attempts, informed the user that he was on a "journey of personal transcendence and playing video games." Lupe stopped short of telling the user whether he thought Kanye had turned to the "darkside" deferring the question to socially conscious rappers such as "K. Dot or Cole."


Lupe Fiasco did lambaste the president in office however, referring to him as the "little bitty sh*tty Trump deep inside all of us" that we must all judiciously "exorcise." When it came down to explaining his current relationship with Kanye, he maintained that he loved him but in all likelihood would only reach out "so that I could tell him to give Cudi the phone."