The Los Angeles Lakers had a night to remember last night, although probably not for any good reasons. Lakers president and legendary player Magic Johnson announced that he was resigning from the team. The team also lost its last game of the season by a score of 104-101. Finally, it was revealed that Magic had actually been given the go-ahead to fire the entire coaching staff, although he never got around to doing it on the count that he stepped down.

After the game, Lakers head coach Luke Walton was asked at a press conference about Magic stepping down and what he thinks about his future. As Walton explained, he's hasn't had the time to think too much about all of it.

"It's my responsibility for the team, to our players, to be focused and prep on what our task is and what our job is," Walton said. "I haven't had any time to process anything other than my job of coaching."

As for Magic, well he said that Walton's future now rests in the hands of Lakers co-owner Jeanie Buss.

"[Firing Walton] will be up to [Buss] if she is going to make that call. See what she wants to do," Johnson said. "Again, he has to get better. The team has to get better. If I had to stay, I had to get better. We all had to get better, but we're heading in the right direction."

Stay tuned for updates on the Lakers situation.