Shams Charania of The Athletic was the first to report on a skirmish taking place in Lakers' locker room following their loss to the Warriors last night. According to his initial report, several Lakers' veterans including Michael Beasley took offense to coach Luke Walton's accusatory tone and words. Charania says the confrontation just barely "stopped short of turning physical."

After reading Charania's report live on the scene, ESPN did a little digging of their own. They learned that JaVale McGee was similarly perturbed (as Beasley) and just as vocal during the heated exchange. Walton is believed to have singled Beasley and McGee out for making "poor decisions" in the clutch. The veteran forwards countered Walton's criticism by suggesting a lack of consistency in the coach's handling of the Lakers' rotation.

Interestingly enough, Michael Beasley got into a heated argument with coach Walton once before, after a 138-128 overtime victory in Oklahoma City. during their January 17th argument, Beasley is said to have repeatedly addressed his coach as "Bro" until things petered out - only to re-engage at the soonest sign of resistance.

Worst of all, sources close to the team believe LeBron James and his camp are pushing for a cultural change at the coaching position. If you think yesterday's dilemma is but an afterthought today, think again. Walton's tenure in LakerLand looks to have run out of steam. Give us your thoughts in the comment section below.