Luke Cage's season 2 premiere is right around the corner, on June 22 to be exact. The Superhero/Vigilante series has cultivated a strong following among Netflix subscribers. Some users have even signed up solely with the intent of cutting their service upon viewing the final episode. Fans of the series have were happy to remark on Marvel's decision to give the Misty Knight character the green light going forward. Knight is instantly recognizable for commandeering a bionic arm sent to her by Starks Industries.

Villains Bushmaster and Nightshade are also slated to return. Hell's Kitchen hasn't seen civic order in the Marvel Universe for at least 4 decades now. Watching Luke Cage come into his own was excruciating at times. He took his merry old time coming to terms with his mortality, and his role in society. Hopefully those days are well behind him, because the mayor is too busy picking his teeth.

The season 2 clip teases a NFL story line, with ESPN reporters Jemelle Hill and Michael Smith giving the sequence a lifelike touch. In the clip, Luke Cage attempts of number of drills at the NFL Scouting Combine. He flips a monster tire, obliterates the high jump, does the 40 in record time, all in the hopes of maybe flying under the radar with a day job. Why not fill in an NFL roster spot, if the cap fits?