Luke Cage is Harlem's hero. We first met Cage in the first season of Jessica Jones, where he enters into a sexual relationship with Jones while dealing with the loss of his wife. After it is revealed that Jones was the one who killed Luke's wife, he moves back to Harlem. The first season of Cage's own series focused on the bulletproof muscle man's past, and his journey to becoming a super hero. Fans got a third look at Cage in Marvel's Defenders, where he fills the "I'm the strongest guy on the team" role perfectly. Now he is set to return for the second season of his own show, which will premiere on Netflix this summer. 

The latest season will feature a new villain named Bushmaster. In the comics, Bushmaster is a crime lord from the Carribean who becomes empowered similar to Luke Cage after an accident. A new clip has been released from season two, and we find Cage in the streets of Harlem dealing with discouraged residents. One little girl has lost all hope in Cage, and compares him to the police, who cannot stop Bushmaster either. Like the hero he is, Cage reassures his community that he'll figure things out. Watch the clip below and check out Luke Cage season two when it hits Netflix on June 22.