Luke Cage season one was epic. Besides the fact that Mike Colter nailed it as the bulletproof hero from Harlem, the supporting cast which included Mahershala Ali, Rosario Dawson, Alfre Woodard, and Simone Missick delivered groundbreaking performances as well. Season two is set to hit Netflix this summer, and it looks like Cage will be facing a villain that is just as dangerous as he is. 

In a new trailer for season 2, Cage meets Bushmaster. Before Cage gets beat up by the new villain, it seems as if Harlem has elevated him to a "Black Jesus" status. His untouchable hero is about to meet his match though. In the comics, there were two Bushmasters, but it looks as if the first version will be used in the show. In the comics, Bushmaster is a crime boss who battles Iron Fist and Luke Cage. He has similar powers to Cage, and is even shown as being stronger than him on several occasions. Misty Knight and Colleen Wing also go head to head with Bushmaster, and it will be interesting to see if the series brings in the Iron Fist cast to help defeat the super villain as well. Much like in the comics, it looks like Bushmaster will hail from the Carribean. Luke Cage season two premiers on June 22.