Coming into this season, everyone knew that Luka Doncic was going to be a problem out on the court. He won rookie of the year last season and while the Dallas Mavericks weren't impressive as a team, there was no denying that Luka had the potential to achieve superstar status. This season, that is exactly what he did as him and the Mavs made it all the way to the playoffs and even gave the Los Angeles Clippers a run for their money, which isn't something a lot of people expected.

Unfortunately for Doncic and the Mavs, the season came to an end last night as the Clippers beat them in Game 6 of their first-round series. Despite Doncic's efforts, it simply wasn't enough to knock off a team that has a real chance at going all the way to win the title.

Following the loss, Doncic took to Twitter where he had a simple message for Mavericks fans as he thanked them for their support this season

Moving forward, it's clear that Doncic and the Mavericks have a bright future ahead of them. The team continues to improve and if Kristaps Porzingis stays healthy, this could be an incredible duo for a very long time.