As we reported last year, Ludacris fathered a child with Tamika Fuller late in 2013, and after claims arose last year that he couldn't pay his child support, the rapper's now won primary custody of his daughter. Cai Bella Bridges, who's now a little over a year old, will now be spending most of her time with her recently-married father. 

Luda spoke to TMZ about the judge's ruling, saying, "I am gratified that the judge found me to be the most fit and proper parent to have primary physical custody of our beautiful daughter." The judge made the decision after hearing testimonies from both parents and hearing a report from an independent expert. 

[Update: "Dancin' Dirty" Lyrics Were Used Against Ludacris In Court]

On Wednesday, Ludacris emerged victorious from a custody hearing for his one-year-old daughter, Cai, winning primary custody over her mother, Tamika Fuller. Now, XXL reports that Fuller attempted to use lyrics from the rapper's 2013 track "Dancin' Dirty" (referred to as "Dirty Dancin'" by XXL) as evidence that he wasn't a suitable parent. 

Focusing on the following lyrics, Fuller's attorney tried to suggest that Luda was promoting date rape:

"Cuz she asked me for a drink and I’m damn sure fin’ to po’ it
I’m a, make it strong, she said she like it fruity
In another 30 minutes I’ll be feelin’ on her booty
An hour after that I’ll have her twisted like a cyclone
Legs wrapped around me til she squeeze me like a python
I call that slizzer we both been gone off that liquor
She let down all her defenses and yes I give her the business
With the quickness she came to her senses, while I’m tappin’ and snappin’ pictures
Relentless but so persistent now she said it’s just Ludacris’"

“You’re talking about date rape there aren’t you?", judge Dorothy Downs asked, to which Luda responded, “No ma’am.” She then continued, “Would you like for Cai to have this experience with a young man?", and his response was, “When Cai becomes an adult, if she wants to have a good time, then that’s her right as an adult.”

Thankfully, the court didn't hold Luda's lyrics against him, which is becoming more prevalent these days.