Hating is running rampant, and rappers are being attacked more frequently by seemingly unprovoked men more and more often.  Last night, one of the friendlier dudes in the rap game, Ludacris, was attacked with a bottle at a night club in Atlanta. 

While partying at the A's new hotspot, Prive, with his eye-catching girlfriend, Eudoxie, Luda was attacked by a man and a brawl of sorts broke out.  There is video footage, but it's tough to tell who is being hit, but the ATL rapper took to Twitter, Instagram, and Vine to show he was unharmed during the altercation, tweeting, "Shouts to iceboxjewelry. I had ALL my jewelry pre-fight & post-fight. Lol #helluvanight."  

Details are unknown at this point as to why he was attacked, or who exactly the man was, but it's good to see that Ludacris seems unfazed, and untouched by the fight. Check out footage of the fight below and an humorous Vine, he and his girl put together to let people know they are alright.