As one of the original premier rappers representing the A, Ludacris has been in the game for awhile but recently has focused more on other ventures outside music.  Now he is gearing up for the release of his next album, a comeback of sorts, called Ludaversal.  Recently Luda called into DJ Scream’s Hot 107.9 to talk about being refocused on music, and how even though he’s been away, music will remain his true passion.

Talking about the new year, ‘Cris says although he still has other projects on the go, he is going to focus on rapping and is getting ready to drop his next album, “Another album, I think I done lost count on how many I have, I think I’m just gonna drop another one, man let them know the hunger’s still there.” He goes onto add that this year, as previously stated, will see his return to the rap game, “I took a couple years off doing some movies, and everything, but it’s good man, I got my mind right, get back in this game, get everything right.  This year we gonna drop that Ludaversal album.”

Talking about his personal life, Ludacris was asked if he has any designs in settling down with a woman in the near future, and showing his love for hip hop, Luda joked that he already has a wife, “I’m married to my music, and think ya’ll will realize that when this album comes out.”

You can listen to the interview below, and also check out Luda’s latest “Representin (Remix)”.