Disappointing as it may be, Ludacris may not have come up with the concept of his Trey Songz assisted single, "Sex Room" all by himself. Chicago rapper Marvo is claiming that he wrote the concept back in 2009, a year before Luda launched the song.

According to Marvo, he came up with the original idea with a producer named Kajun (who also produced "Sex Room"), but the beatmaker went to Ludacris with the song behind his back.

While the rapper admits 'Cris changed elements of the song, many of the original lyrics remained intact, including lines such as "Welcome to my sex room" and "It's a private party."

Marvo has no writing credit on the song, and is thus suing both Luda and Trey Songz for compensation.

Ludacris has yet to repsond to the claims.

Watch the video for "Sex Room" below.