The journey for Ludacris' ninth studio album, Ludaversal, has been a long one. First announced for a 2011 release date, the album has been backed by six singles starting with "Jingalin" in 2012 and most recently "Party Girls" with Wiz Khalifa and Cashmere Cat. Now, the album appears to have a solid release date.

Talking with Billboard magazine, Luda confirmed the album for a November release date, claiming the release will be his most personal to-date.

"I can definitely tell you in a nutshell there are a bunch of songs that define moments and are very emotional just for the simple fact this will be my most personal album to date in terms of talking about a lot of things that have gone on in my life and just really diving into who Chris Bridges is as a person," Luda said when asked about the album. "So that's what Ludaversal is all about, it's, 'Welcome to my world, this is where I live, this is what I go through on a day-to-day basis.'"

Continuing, Chris went into a bit more detail above specific tracks.

"There's a song called 'Money' on the album that's just really talking about all of the ups and downs with money, but in my personal life," he said when asked about specific songs. "There's also 'Burning Bridges,' where you talk about friends that have crossed you and you think everything is gonna be cool. But you realize being in the industry and having fame and fortune, it's inevitable you're going to have to sacrifice certain relationships just because when you get all this success, people think you're the one changing, but they're the ones that changed based on your success."

Luda has reportedly recorded with legendary singer Anita Baker for the album.