It's been a minute since we've heard new music from Ludacris, but that's only because the legendary Disturbing Tha Peace rapper has been keeping busy behind the scenes. Older fans might remember a time when Ludacris music remained in heavy rotation, with singles like "Southern Hospitality," "Saturday," "Area Codes," and "Rollout" solidifying a young Chris Bridges as one of the South's new representatives. Now, Luda has decided to check in with his 10.2 million Instagram followers, taking a moment to reflect on his extensive career. 

"I’ve been busy enjoying the fruits of my Labor. Not many artists make it to their 1st album, let alone their 10th," writes Luda, alongside a picturesque picture of a tropical getaway with the homies (including Kevin Hart). "I promise my Fans I will get back to Music soon. This is 8 years vaca with these guys. We know how to have an EPIC fucking time for 7 Days or Less being exactly who God Created us to be. Learning different cultures, languages, & expanding our horizons becoming better Men. Cheers to 8 years"

He closes with something that sounds like a pre-battle speech, perhaps uttered by somebody like William Wallace. "WHY TIPTOE THRU LIFE TO ARRIVE SAFELY AT DEATH!!!???" Salute to Luda for the memories. Hopefully there are many more to come.