These days, Ludacris may be known more for his on-screen antics than his music. Still, real fans know that Luda has a vast and extensive catalog of bangers in his repertoire. Therefore, it's no surprise that he's somewhat of an authority on the craft, especially when you factor in his extensive library of quotable punchlines. In a new video interview with GQ, Luda took a break from dining on chicken and beer to break down nine of his favorite lyrics of all time. 

Luda sets it off by heaping praise on Pimp C, saying the following lines are embedded in his DNA. "The greatest four bars in rap, ever," says Luda. "He meant every goddamn word that he said."

"The game fucked up, I ain't got no friends
I spent my last $70,000 on a drop-top Benz
Cause I'm a trill n*gga,
Down to put the forty to his Hillfiga."

While it's entertaining to hear Luda's selections, which include lines from Eminem, Biggie, Andre 3000 & more, his breakdowns are also insightful as hell. Check it out, and share your favorite bars in the comment section below.